Facility Use

As part of its commitment to service and mission, Genesis United Methodist Church (Genesis UMC) seeks to provide the community with meeting and use space.  Requests for space will follow a consistent review process.  Use of the building and facilities will be scheduled around Genesis UMC services, events, rehearsals, etc.


Requests for space are initiated with a completed facility use form. The form will be reviewed and a timely response provided regarding availability and applicable fees.  Genesis UMC reserves the right to deny use of facilities to organizations and persons whose event is not consistent with the Vision, Mission, and Values of Genesis UMC.



By God’s grace we will be a transforming presence in the world journeying toward spiritual maturity.



Genesis United Methodist Church connects people in Christ-centered and inclusive community that grows faith, engages in service and leads West Michigan and the denomination into expanding visions of justice.



  • Grace centered theology
  • Spirit-led ministry
  • Transforming presence
  • Diverse and inclusive faith community
  • Priesthood of all believers

Genesis United Methodist Church is a community where all are welcome to participate fully in the life of the congregation regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, special needs, economic or marital status, or faith history.


Genesis UMC Facility Use Guidelines


Facility Use Form–Web


Facility Fee Schedule (non-wedding)


Facility Fee Schedule (wedding)